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Announcing React and Umbraco Starter Kit

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by Gary Cheetham
Download the React and Umbraco Example Site

There's no denying it: On today's web development scene React is big. Really big. And for good reason - React makes it easy, and dare I say it, fun, to write web apps in JavaScript. As a developer, React even challenges you to think differently about your code with rich concepts such as declarative and functional programming, which can be carried forward into all areas of your career. The technology has an active community and a clear trajectory for further innovation into the future.

But there's one problem that's on every developer's mind when they first think about React - "Where do I even start?".  The barrier to entry for React, especially for those used to the Umbraco ecosystem, is often simply too high. Even before you write "Hello World", you have to wrap your head around obscure anagrams and buzzwords, configure your JavaScript build pipeline, and wrangle tens or even hundreds of vaguely-named dependencies with unstable APIs.

"The barrier to entry for React, especially for those used to the Umbraco ecosystem, is often simply too high."

At SystemPioneer, when we began working with Umbraco and React together, on the same projects, we recognised this problem early on. Which is why we're announcing today the availability of our React and Umbraco starter kit on GitHub, under a permissive license.

It is our aspiration that the React and Umbraco starter kit will stimulate discussion on how these two technologies can be used together constructively in the Umbraco community. You can view the live demo and the source code, implement the ideas in your own projects, and perhaps contribute your own expertise to the project.

We hope you enjoy our project, and if you want to chat about anything tech we're all ears. Get in touch on Twitter @systempioneer, or pop into the office for a brew if you're ever in Manchester 😀



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